People Bite Their Nails In Times Of Stress Or Excitement –

Or In Times Of Boredom Or Inactivity. Nail-Biting Is The Most Common Of The Typical “Nervous Behaviors”. In Fact, It Is Estimated That 15 Million Teenagers Engage In “Chewing Their Nails” And Many Find It Difficult To Stop In Their Adult Life. This Is Clinically Referred To As Onychophagia. Many Bite Nails Without Realizing It While Involved In Another Activity Such As Reading, Watching Television Or Talking On The Phone. This Behavior Can Sometimes Be Eliminated By Extra Awareness And Concentration.


StopBit Heightens Awareness By Using Motion Sensing Technology Housed In A Simple Wristband That  Vibrates When You Bring Your Fingers Near Your Mouth. Our Solution Can Be Used With Other Preventative Measures Like Applying A Sour-Tasting Nail Polish Or It Can Be Used On Its Own. Only You Know When  StopBit Is Vibrating.  The Band’s Fitness Tracker Appearance Makes It Very Discreet.