Thank you for purchasing StopBit. We hope that it will assist you in changing your behaviors just like it did in our family. You will find that StopBit works best when you are in a vertical position, like standing or sitting. It may not work properly when laying down.






Operating Instructions

Powering on/off:  




To power on, press and hold the power button until the blue light illuminates. To power off, press and hold the power button until the red light illuminates.

Programming mode (left or right wrist):

To program StopBit for your right hand, place StopBit securely on right wrist with the diode pointing away from your body and power on. Place your hand down alongside your body. You will notice a gentle vibration; you are in the programming mode. Raise hand to facial area. StopBit will continue to vibrate. In this position, press the power button twice in rapid succession.

The blue light again will illuminate indicating StopBit has successfully been programmed for your right hand.

When you bring your hand to your face, you will receive a gentle vibration to remind you to stop the unwanted behavior.

To program StopBit for your left hand, repeat the programming steps while StopBit is placed securely on your left wrist.

StopBit will remain programmed during on/off periods; you do not need to re-program each time you wear it unless you switch wrists.

NOTE: If you attempt to program StopBit for either your right or left hand and you do not feel a vibration when placed alongside your body, this indicates StopBit was already programmed for that wrist.

Pause mode:

If engaged in activity that requires you to bring your hand to your face such as talking on phone or eating, you can pause StopBit so it will not vibrate. Press the power button once. The red light illuminates indicating that StopBit is in pause mode. To reactivate, press the power button again. Blue light illuminates to indicate active mode.


Align two brass pegs on the charger with the two brass plates on the back of the StopBit device and clip on the device. Plug the other end into a USB plug. The red light will illuminate. When fully charged the blue light will illuminate.

A fully charged StopBit battery life is 2-3 days, depending on how many times it activates (vibrates). When the battery life is approximately at 10%, the red diode will blink once each minute to alert you to re-charge.

A fully discharged battery takes 30-45 minutes to completely charge.

Switch Wrist Bands:

The StopBit device arrives placed in the large band. To switch the device to the small band, simply slip out the device from the back side of the band and insert into the small band. Align the diode with the opening on the front side of the wrist band.