For People Who Repeatedly Pick At Their Skin They Know How Serious Of A Disorder This Can Be. Skin Picking Disorder SPD (Also Known As Excoriation Disorder) Means That You Repetitively Touch, Rub, Scratch, Pick At Or Dig Into Their Skin. For All Too Many People, These Actions Occur On Or Around Their Face. This Behavior May Result In Skin Discoloration Or Scarring. In More Serious Cases, Sever Tissue Damage And Visible Disfigurement Can Result.


It Is Estimated That Over 7 Million Americans Suffer From SPD. Stopbit Can Be Used As A Way To Be More Mindful Of When This Habit Is Occurring And Help You Focus Your Energy Elsewhere – Eventually Changing The Behavior. Our Simple Wrist Monitor Vibrates When Your Hand Is Near Your Face, Discretely Alerting You To Action And Empowering You To Not Pick At Your Skin.